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Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole

Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole published on 2 Comments on Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole

Kevin’s note

How am I suppose to know that it was about a tiny tiny mole.!! It’s so tiny that you only can see it under a microscope…wow that was what I said when we were kid. That was the joke,  I did not remember.  You know, it’s embarrassing.., nope, humiliating. What were you thinking Kevin..? She is your little sister.

In my defense of my own stupid question are: I have unstable income, about 2 of 3 people in this small town think that I am a nerd, and the last but the most  important is that I’m single and horny.

She changes; I mean she changes a lot. Surely she grown up, but I didn’t expect that she becomes this hot, an absolute hot. Now she comes to my life, so this is my story and my absolute hot sister.

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