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Ellen in Wonder Woman Costume

Ellen in Wonder Woman Costume published on 1 Comment on Ellen in Wonder Woman Costume

Months ago, when the first announcement that Gal Gadot will play wonder woman, fans were not too happy with the choice. There were some who agree and some who rejected the idea. Some who don’t agree said that Gal Gadot is too thin and not sexyenough to play Wonder Woman.

Then finally, several months later, for the first time we can see the first look of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot appears in her full Wonder Woman costume, I think she works hard so as not to look too skinny. I think this is a very good effort, good for her. She really prepared herself to play the famous Amazon Warrior Princes.

However, fans are still not happy, the costume is a lot different than what they usually see in the comic. The first thing is the color, the color is too muted. And this Wonder Woman costume looks more like a rip-off costume from the 90’s TV series Xena. It’s like this is a movie version of Xena.

I don’t know, I won’t judge until I see the movie, because I can’t tell whether she’s good or not based only on a picture. What I do know is Ellen has her own version of Wonder Women costume. Check this out!

Ellen in Wonder Woman Costum
But it seems Kevin is not happy about it.

Red Head Wonder Woman


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