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When you update a new page?
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Oh, I can see her wearing cute little white panties :). Ive always hated those g-string t-back things, they’re just nasty and tacky to me and leave nothing to the imagination. Either something cute and form fitting or just wear nothing, but spare me those nassy things! Lol.
I cant believe Im caught up on his series! I just started reading it and was hoping I was way behind, hehe.

Shame…. Lots of potential in the story…
I’m new to reading the online comics overall, and must admit I’m overwhelmed by the talent out here.
I’m sad Yus dropped the story, but then I’m finding that is more common than many want to admit.
Best of luck to Yus wherever he/she/they are. May Hot sister find life again some day.

I randomly ran across an image of one of the pages while doing an image search for something totally different. I got all excited, “Oh, oh!! I remember that comic! Yes!!” Click, click, yep read it, that one too, yep… Wai…whaaaat?! FUCK! Four years and no new pages! Damn that fucker for getting a real damned life!! Prolly in the other room right now banging his hot sister, who confessed she’s secretly been in love with him and they moved across country where nobody knew them and pretend that they’re married since they have the same last name and now she’s carrying their twins and calls him daddy when they’re doing it.
Ummm… Wait, what? My keyboard got hacked! Really!! The backspace key won’t work either and the mouse is slowly moving to the Post Comment button as I type!! NooOooo!!!

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