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I’ve just created best comment ever. Giant, slimy, double-minded dark gem of internet. I’ve tuned up every single word for 3/4 hour. I was so proud of my work. AND THEN THAT FUKING CAPTCHA GOT ERROR! My precious, my baby. It’s dead now and there is no way back. 🙁 One day, I found You mr. Captcha. I found You and I kill you with every single word of you code. Twice.

btw. “need new pics…” this isn’t good.

The hooker she say Viagra.
Cause without it he just can’t shag ya,
His weenie it ain’t gonna wag ya,
He really needs Viagra.

The T-Girls just won’t lag ya,
The hookers ain’t gonna tag ya,
Your buds are really gonna rag ya,
You best go get Viagra.

Need new pics? This ought to be interesting, Kev. Where’s your mind, I don’t have to wonder? 😉

Yeah, the CAPTCHA Code never works the first time for me, me1. I don’t lose it, though; I just hit the back button on my browser and my comments are still there (using FireFox). I suggest using notepad or something, or even just put your text into the clipboard before you try the CAPTCHA.

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