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Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole

Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole published on 2 Comments on Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole

Kevin’s note

How am I suppose to know that it was about a tiny tiny mole.!! It’s so tiny that you only can see it under a microscope…wow that was what I said when we were kid. That was the joke,  I did not remember.  You know, it’s embarrassing.., nope, humiliating. What were you thinking Kevin..? She is your little sister.

In my defense of my own stupid question are: I have unstable income, about 2 of 3 people in this small town think that I am a nerd, and the last but the most  important is that I’m single and horny.

She changes; I mean she changes a lot. Surely she grown up, but I didn’t expect that she becomes this hot, an absolute hot. Now she comes to my life, so this is my story and my absolute hot sister.


I hope you don’t mind I reviewed your web comic or my web blog. You have a nice comic and I rated you fairly. I just didn’t see how you managed to have your comic #23 on the web comic list and you just started your comic. Your only at #4. Congrats, but I was little suspicious of that. Maybe you promoted really well or you started your comic over. If that’s the case I apologize.

Hi, I’m Yus, the creator of this comic, thanks for your comment.
I’m also a bit surprise to see my comic was on #23 (now #31). I am planning to promote my comic on the feature comic, but I haven’t submitted yet. So, I really don’t know how, although I can’t help that I am really happy about it. My guess is: The title of my comic start with alphabet “A”, so it can be easily found and it is sound provocative. My other web comic rank on the web comic list which I submit on April 19 “Night Rose” is #512.

Anyway, I like your comic, the story is beyond imagination and you do it with your style..

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