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Absolute Hot Sister #112 – The Deal part 8

Absolute Hot Sister #112 – The Deal part 8 published on 4 Comments on Absolute Hot Sister #112 – The Deal part 8

Both of them only talk about the characters, but this is a classic MARVEL vs DC nerd battle.

As you know Kevin is an avid Spider-Man fan, just look at his costume on the Halloween story

And it’s true when Andy said that now Superman does not wear his underwear outside his pants. The last Superman movie “Man of Steel” and the follow up “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” are the proof. The question is – just like what Kevin said – Is he naked under there? If he is wearing underwear outside. Of course that’s none of our business, meanwhile here is the latest trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, published on July 11, 2015


That’s kind of the point of the trunks! If you wear underwear under tights, they’re visible and look silly. But if you leave them out, something ELSE is visible. So you put trunks over them and your bulge is concealed and somewhat protected. Then over the years the cut got a little higher til they looked like briefs, but they were always just basically shorts meant to go outside tights.

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