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There are many reasons NOT to back up your hard drives

There are many reasons NOT to back up your hard drives published on

There are many reasons not to back up your hard drives, but there is only one reason why you have to do it, and what is that? To keep your files safe, that’s it.

Please back up your hard drives

Backing up your hard drive is a time consuming event, but it is really really really important. I knew that and I did not do it, as a result; I spent some times to regret and some more time to find the way to get my file back. Among these files are several Absolute Hot Sister draft scripts.

Yus, know what you mean, lost my laptop to virus, was lucky enough the hard drive was split into 2 drives and was able to install operating system on the other and get to my files. i highly recommend setting up another drive on your computer with dual boot.

OK this is gunna sound like spam and I really don’t work for these guys but Genie Timeline is as close to a set it and forget it backup I’ve found. It doesn’t work like a regular backup, trying to copy the whole damn hard drive every time you back up. The way it works is to constantly backup just the files you changed. The draw back is you kind of need an external drive big enough the hold your parachute. It is a bit flakey but so is every backup solution I’ve tried. Finally it stores your backup data in plain ole zip files. You can recover manually, without the program if needed. There’s no backup database or proprietary encryption to “simplify” recovery.

Thanks for the support guys,
I usually back up all files in my external hard drive to my pc at least once a week, but one time I did not do it, this happened. I plugged the external hd into a usb port on my computer and I got this message: “You need to format the disc in drive F: before you can use it”.

After several days, I finally asked my IT friend to help. I don’t know if he could recover all my files, just hoping for the best….

I’ve lost a bunch of drives in the past. I now run a raid 5 and have nightly auto backups to my NAS. The only way something will go wrong is if my tower looses 2 drives at once and my NAS also looses 2 drives at once. I also have recovery tools that can reconstruct most of the data from “dead” drives.

Well if you have a hot girlfriend instead of a hot sister, you can start the backup and go do things away from the computer. Instead I do backups while I sleep. They get done and its not like you have to watch them backing up. I also have my OS segregated from my data on another dirve or partition so Data gets backed up and I do a clean install of applications.

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