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The Characters

He is twenty something, used to be interested in literature and technology. Now he is eager to find anything to impress woman. When he is asked what he does for living, he says I don’t want to be an employee, so I can do what I do-I can control my own live. The translation of this statement is “My resume was rejected again and again so I have to do everything for living”

He is a blogger, which hopefully can make some money. The beginning of his blog, almost all his article is about internet world. Since his sister becomes a part of his life he slowly change to humanity, way of living and self improvement to impress her (or her girl friends). Once he said; “I think literature is good, it makes us realize how life is actually beautiful”. He’s also a freelance designer


Absolute Hot Sister Character EllenELLEN
Kevin’s little sister. They reunite after 5 years. She wants to live simple life and her wishes come true when she was offered a job in a small town which makes her join up with her big brother.

She is a young, joyful, outgoing and friendly girl. So innocent that sometimes people-especially man-misinterpret her sociable behavior.

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