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Absolute Hot Sister #113 – The Deal part 9

Absolute Hot Sister #113 – The Deal part 9 published on

Drawing this page was a bit exhausting, I was not looking for any details, but along the way I ended up adding a lot of lines.

Anyway, thanks for the vote guys, we are now on the first page of TWC

New Hot Vote Incentive

New Hot Vote Incentive published on

Absolute Hot Sister NudeJust wanted to let you all know that there’s currently a brand new incentive in Absolute Hot Sister.
Click to vote! Or use the  button on the left side of the site.

Absolute Hot Sister #112 – The Deal part 8

Absolute Hot Sister #112 – The Deal part 8 published on

Both of them only talk about the characters, but this is a classic MARVEL vs DC nerd battle.

As you know Kevin is an avid Spider-Man fan, just look at his costume on the Halloween story

And it’s true when Andy said that now Superman does not wear his underwear outside his pants. The last Superman movie “Man of Steel” and the follow up “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” are the proof. The question is – just like what Kevin said – Is he naked under there? If he is wearing underwear outside. Of course that’s none of our business, meanwhile here is the latest trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, published on July 11, 2015

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