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Absolute Hot Sister #9 – A Memory part 4

Absolute Hot Sister #9 – A Memory part 4 published on


The really weird thing about dreaming is that it can suddenly change.  This time I felt like I was lost in the darkness. Some say, to dream that you are lost in the darkness means that you feel desperate, depress, or insecure. On the contrary if you feel safe in the dark, then it suggests that you like not knowing about certain things. In that exact moment, usually I tend to move my body to other position or open the eyes for a second than continue to sleep again.

Absolute Hot Sister #8 – A Memory part 3

Absolute Hot Sister #8 – A Memory part 3 published on

ellensdiaryI think I was dreaming. I dream when I sleep well. It was about my wonderful childhood. May be because I meet Kevin again after a long time, brings back the memories and stimulates my brain to hit the play button of my childhood recording in my mind. It is an anxiety of happiness in the time when I had little responsibility and the time when I have nothing to worries.

Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole

Absolute Hot Sister #5 – Tiny Mole published on

Kevin’s note

How am I suppose to know that it was about a tiny tiny mole.!! It’s so tiny that you only can see it under a microscope…wow that was what I said when we were kid. That was the joke,  I did not remember.  You know, it’s embarrassing.., nope, humiliating. What were you thinking Kevin..? She is your little sister.

In my defense of my own stupid question are: I have unstable income, about 2 of 3 people in this small town think that I am a nerd, and the last but the most  important is that I’m single and horny.

She changes; I mean she changes a lot. Surely she grown up, but I didn’t expect that she becomes this hot, an absolute hot. Now she comes to my life, so this is my story and my absolute hot sister.

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