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Hey guys, recently you might see Kevin’s shirt a lot; FULL FRONTAL NERDITY

Now I am trying to sell this t-shirt through teespring

Here’s how Full Frontal Nerdity blackit works:

I have a goal which must be met in order for this tee to be printed. This time the goal is 25 shirts.

If I sell them all or the minimum order is reached (5 tees), the shirts will be printed, and then will handle the printing and shipping of the shirt directly to you. By the way, you won’t be charged unless the minimum is reached.

There are two styles, tshirt which is $18.50 or hoodie which is $34.50, the design will be printed on a black tee (or hoodie), and they are available in sizes up to 3XL.

If this is successful, I will do my best to bring you more cool designs.  So please check it out

Anyway the campaign will end Monday, November 3th

Full Frontal Nerdity tee