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Absolute Hot Sister #9 – A Memory part 4

Absolute Hot Sister #9 – A Memory part 4 published on


The really weird thing about dreaming is that it can suddenly change.  This time I felt like I was lost in the darkness. Some say, to dream that you are lost in the darkness means that you feel desperate, depress, or insecure. On the contrary if you feel safe in the dark, then it suggests that you like not knowing about certain things. In that exact moment, usually I tend to move my body to other position or open the eyes for a second than continue to sleep again.

I absolutely love your comic but there is one thing here that you are doing wrong, very wrong. You are not updating regularly and that makes the comic much harder to follow, and that’s kind of the point with the comic. No matter why you publish a webcomic the more people that read it the better and going regular isn’t much of a hassle. You simply start a bit slower in the beginning (say one every week) to create a buffer, and then you see how much you are willing to do, but you should have a buffer of a few strips (the more the better) and an automatic updater so that no matter what happens the comic will always be there and I promise you that you will probably double your follower in the long run by doing this simple thing.

Continue the good work, the comic is awesome.

Thanks for your comment,
You’re right, the story continuity is lost.
I was too ambitious when starting this comic, recently I am struggling to make it regularly update. However that must be done, as you said, I’ll lost my follower if they’re unsure when the new page will be updated. I think automatic update is a great idea.

Thanks again, it is really encouraging

I think I’m gonna love this comic. I like the beginning of the story. Although the website is kinda confuzzling me.

Uhm anyways.. I’m looking for a twitter button of this website so I can follow it.. Where is it? I’m sorry, I can’t find it. Or there’s none? >.<

….and he is soooo screwed ;). …off to his bedroom he goes to have a date with his hand and a box of kleenex, hehehe. Brothers lusting after sisters is as common as birds flying through the air, and naturally most all of them will deny it with their dying breath, lol. He’s screwed even worse since she’s been gone so long, its like she isnt even related! I’m kinda (hah!) tWisTed, I hope at the end they move to another state where nobody knows them and play the happily married couple! Last names are already the same 😉

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