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There are a LOT of things to try, Kevin. The Internet is a vast reservoir of porn. Until you’ve spent several lifetimes looking, you haven’t exhausted the breadth and the width of it.

And a magazine is going to seem like a short collection in comparison. 😀 Unless you have a certain type in mind…. 😮

Why on earth would he think to buy a porn magazine?! I mean, really, he can find a LOT more interesting shit on the web! …reading other comments, lol, aaah, 4chan :). /b. Heh. I havent been there since they were hacked a few years back. …some of the relationship help section stuff was truly hilarious! Lol.

….but yeah, he’ll wind up with a brother/sister mag, we hope! Been a few days since I read this, forgot about his date with the girly-man, or was it manly-girl? I wasnt sure if it was a girl with a dick or a guy with tits, lol. Kinda creepy either way, hehehe… Now if she were a herm, that would have been a story! Rofl.

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