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Absolute Hot Sister #111 – The Deal part 7

Absolute Hot Sister #111 – The Deal part 7 published on

I have No Excuse,

Thanks everyone for supporting me,

I look at my calendar and I just realize that this comic has been on line since 2009…

For the past months I tried hard to keep updating this comic, however, I still need to work to pay my monthly bill, so sometime I have to leave it for a while. Next time, if I am unable to post a new page, I will write something in the blog section.

I am also thinking of having guest artist? or fan art.
What do you think guys?

Yay, Yus is still alive!

Also, that dude did not say what he just said! Fighting words, if ever I’ve heard any.

As far as a guest artist…I’m not sure. On one hand, in my head the story is pretty tightly tied to Yus’ art style. On the other hand, it’s always interesting to see what artists do with someone else’s characters. I guess I could best sum it up by saying that it’s not something I would have asked for, but I certainly won’t say “no” if it happens.

Welcome back! As a fellow procrastinator, I know exactly where you’re coming from. Bear in mind that you don’t *HAVE* to do the comic- hopefully it’s something you enjoy doing, as much as we enjoy reading it.

As I’m sure you know, a lot of artists are using Patreon, to earn a steady income as they do what they love. You don’t have to go full time, though- one of the comics I support charges on a per-comic basis. If you want to draw but just lack the motivation sometimes and have bills to pay, turning your spare time into a few extra bucks might just be the incentive you need.

Yus, keep up the work when you can, always happy to see an update done, rather that then you just dropping it and never seeing it again. as far as a guest artist, every once in a while that would probably be good but as said by others, this is your work and we have been enjoying that for some time now. Even if you can squeeze in a one drawing update, rather than a whole page, something is more gratifying than nothing.

No worries, Yus. Life interferes with hobbies, sometimes. And my RSS reader will always remind me when you return to the page. 🙂

A guest artist would be good, if he or she could work pretty close to your style. I -do- like your style, especially the detail you put into the pages, but if a guest artist would help, that’s okay.

Fan Art would be great! I’d love to see others’ perception of this story.

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