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Absolute Hot Sister #11 – First Night part 1

Absolute Hot Sister #11 – First Night part 1 published on

Creator’s note:
It’s been a while I didn’t draw this comic. I had some ideas and put it on sketches but I didn’t make it to final comic page. So this is the new update for my comic. Thanks a lot for keep reading, hope you’ll enjoy it

Well, thank the Stars! You’re back 🙂

Curious — you don’t draw the comic? Do you script it, then have someone else with the artistic skills to draw it?

You’re very welcome…
I do all by my self; from the script, sketching, inking, coloring until the final comic. It’s been over months since I didn’t update this comic…, so what I meant by “Don’t draw the comic” is just for that period of time, the time when I was on hiatus…

Please, PLEASE, don’t take offense. It appears English is not your first language. I am a better-than-average wordsmith. Is there any way I could assist you with some phrasing? Please e-mail me directly if so.

Yes, I also noticed that English must not be your first language. Sometimes your grammar is correct; often it’s all wrong. For example, this is correct: “This is the first night I have a girl sleeping in this house. Well, despite the fact that she is my sister and we sleep in separate rooms, it still makes me nervous. After some unconvincing stories about my being sleepy and hitting my head on the table, she stopped asking questions about what happened this afternoon. My forehead still hurts, but I think I can sleep now.”

I would suggest running your script past a native English speaker with good grammar.

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