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Best Way to Publish your Own Webcomic

Best Way to Publish your Own Webcomic published on 4 Comments on Best Way to Publish your Own Webcomic

Do you want to publish your web comic online? Publishing your web comic can be very advantageous for you. One of them is that you can get more income from your web comic. It’s a hard work of course but it is a fun way to get money.

Through your web comic, you can gain popularity. It is one of the best ways to get your name more recognized in the comic world. If you can publish a series of really good comic, you will surely be able to gain numerous loyal readers. In consequence, you will be a popular comic illustrator.

Publishing web comic offers a comic illustrator with more freedom. Yes, it’s true, but you have to stick to your schedule. I screw up many time by NOT updating my comic frequently.

To publish your web comic, you can choose to use free web comic hosting or paid web comic hosting. Each of them offers you with different advantages.

Top free web comic hosts

Hosting your comic on free web comic host is very economical. It is perfect for you who have limited budget. There are some free hosting platforms that you can choose. However, you must make sure that you choose the right one for your first comic. Here are some popular free web comic hosting platforms you can pick.

1. Smack Jeeves


This free hosting offers you with fully customizable HTML templates, pages, chapters, and custom images. It has user friendly interface which can be perfect for beginners. However, some users may feel uncomfortable with the editable code. This hosting also offers you with domain name mapping. In consequence, you can have your own domain name for your comic. It is as if you have your own webpage instead of redirected page. To get the domain name, you must purchase it first.

Other features you’ll get from this web are share button, rating system, and forums. There are some disadvantages you’ll get from this website though. Free members will not get Flash support. To get this support, you must donate first. Another drawback is that free subscriber gets only 500 KB limit.

2. Comicfury


Comicfury has various customization features. Some of them are custom images, comic thumbnail, page templates, and pages. There are many excellent features which you will get from this hosting. Some of the great features on this website are flash support, rating system, author’s note, and analytic. This hosting also offers you with great layout editor and user friendly. If you want to, you can fully modify the HTML.

Comicfury is one of the best free web comic hosting. It only offers you with one disadvantage. It is lack of forum. In consequence, you and your readers can only interact via comments.

3. The Duck webcomics


It is another popular free web comic hosting among comic illustrators. This website offers you with various great features and advantages. Some of them are customize image, creator profile, comic navigation, comic thumbnail, and header banner. This website also offers you with built-in comment, forum, and email subscription.

This web comic hosting has some drawbacks. One of them is that there are too many advertisements on your comic. It can be pretty distracting for your readers. Some of them may feel annoyed with them. It doesn’t support you with Flash support. Some members are complaining that they cannot access the web comic sometimes.

4. Tapastic


If you want your readers capable of accessing your comic from their mobile phone, you can choose Tapastic as your web comic hosting. This hosting is designed for mobile viewing. It offers you with some customization options for creator profile, comic thumbnails, and header banner. If you want to get more income, this web comic hosting can be your alternative. You will get ad revenue share from Tapastic.

5. Line Webtoon


It is another mobile friendly

web comic hosting you can choose. It only offers few customization options though. They are customizable header banner and comic thumbnails. It also only allows you to post JPG files. The good things about this hosting are that you can join contest on this web comic hosting and get payment from it.

Paid web comic hosts

Free web comic hosting has its own restrictions. If you want to get rid of all of the limitations, you must consider hosting your own web comic and pay more money.

One of the ways you can do to remove the limitations is that by becoming a donator or premium member on Smack Jeeves. As a donator, you must pay $19 a year. Meanwhile, as a paid member, you must pay $ 59 a year. Being a donator will enable you to get upload limit from 2 MB to 5 MB. You will also get Flash support and domain name mapping. There will be no advertisement on your comic so that your readers can read it more comfortably. It is perfect for you who have no self-hosting experience.

You can also publish your web comic online on third party platform. One of them is Squarespace. To be able to post comic on this platform, you must pay between $8 and $26 per month. On this platform, you can upload your comic and customize it easily. You can also start your own online shop on it. With this feature, you can sell your comic merchandise easily.

Another option is that using With this platform, you can choose the free plans or paid plans. The paid ones will help you get choices of premium themes, editable HTML, unlimited space, and customer support.

You can also choose to host your web comic on your own using certain CMS such as Autokeen Lite. With Autokeen Lite, you can create your web comic easier. It is time saving and convenient. Another CMS solution you can choose is This CMS software will enable you to create great comic using choices of great webcomic plugins and themes. Some of the web comic solutions provided by WordPress are Manga+Press, Webcomic, Comic Easel and ComicPress.

My personal choice for webhosting is Hawkhost, I’ve been with hawkhost for over 5 years now. Hawkhost is great hosting if you mention about price, performance, and features. Their support is fast and professional responses. The best thing is they allow adult content as long as it legal in the United States and you own the rights to distribute or display the content.

Things to do in hosting your web comic

In hosting your own web comic, there are several things you must consider. One of them is your domain name. You must make sure that you choose a domain name that represents the story of your comic. You must also make sure that it is unique. In consequence, your readers will not mistake it with other web comic.

You must also consider the hosting plan you are going to use. If you use WordPress, you can choose Managed WordPress Hosting plan. Choose one that is affordable for you but offers you with big storage and unlimited visitors. If you need something cheaper, you can choose shared hosting plan. It also offers you with bigger or even unlimited storage. For you who can afford better quality of hosting plan, you can choose Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Dedicated Servers which is way more expensive.

Aside from choosing the hosting plans, you must be prepared with managing your WordPress web comic. It will be great for you if you have experience in self-hosting. One of the things you must deal with is marketing your web comic. The right marketing strategy will enable you to get more readers. Some marketing strategies that can promote your web comic are submitting your website to web comic list, joining web comic communities, and social media sharing.
Free web comic host or paid host?

If you are not sure whether to choose free web comic host or paid host, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. With free host, you don’t need to pay anything to get your comic published. In consequence, you can use your money for other things. When you use this host, you don’t need to worry about administration and marketing your web comic. However, this particular host offers you with only little control over your web comic. In consequence, you can’t do anything if the web comic host goes bankrupt. And you can’t do anything when the site is in trouble and cannot be accessed.

Meanwhile, if you choose paid hosting, you will have full control over your web comic. You will be able to fix your site problems and manage its security. In consequence, your readers can enjoy your comic smoothly. However, you must allocate some money to pay the hosting plan. The good news is that there are some affordable hosting plans you can choose.

You must also deal with administration and marketing your web comic. In consequence, you must do more work aside from creating the comic. If you never manage self-hosting before, it may take time before you can manage and control it easily. However, trying to publish your web comic online will give you satisfying result in the end.


Is this comic dead?

We haven’t seen a new strip in over 315 days which said you were inking/coloring something. Before then you were averaging a page every 4 days with a rare 30 day gap every now and then.

If you can’t complete a comic for a long time then a text post would suffice for most of us to understand the situation.

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